"Bar Mitzvah Photography is something that I have a true passion for.  Being Jewish myself has allowed me the unique opportunity to experience this momentous occasion from both sides, so I know exactly what’s important and the best ways to capture it.  Having the ability to be personable with the guests also is a strength of mine that is reflected in the photos I take.  I truly love interacting with my clients, both before, during, and after the big day to ensure that everything is handled professionally, and that your experience with me is nothing short of perfection.  In fact, I have become good friends with most of the people I work with after the event, exemplifying the value I place on my client relationships.  You’ll want nothing more than to refer me to your friends and family!

There's nothing I'd rather be doing more than photography.  Being responsible for capturing that special moment for people is something that gets my blood flowing every time  With every shoot I'm hired for, my goal is to not only provide you with tangible memories to last a lifetime, but also create them in such a way that will elicit that special emotion when looking back on this special day for your child.  Becoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah is an honor, and my goal is to capture every aspect of this occasion to depict that fact."